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Energy efficiency, environment and sustainability

· Our standard of living is based on the availability of a huge quantity of low-cost energy. Energy is the key element in every part of the economy: agriculture, crafts, industry, service sector, government and residential housing. One could say that "nothing moves or changes without some type of energy" (even muscular). There is only one alternative to the sources of energy we have today: animal and human labour.
· In coming years, as we pass the point of peak oil, energy supplies will go into terminal decline, while demand continues to increase. Because demand is linked to supply, there will be a significant increase in the price of energy. Although oil is expected to run out in 40 years, we will have serious problems long before that, as soon as low-cost energy is no longer available. This will, inevitably, provoke a spike in prices for products, services, government and food and you can say goodbye to your current standard of living.
· The solution lies in a mix of renewable energy and reduced consumption achieved by increasing the efficiency of all processes that use energy. We're not talking about giving up this precious resource, but using it more wisely.
· But there's more: in addition to higher costs, those who don't become more efficient will incur the sanctions imposed by the application of the Kyoto Protocol and the climate-energy package of the European Union's 20-20-20 objective, as well as other future sanctions.
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