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Reasons for choosing Thermojoy wall heater - technical information

Electric infrared heating has a number of advantages that make them extremely competitive with other systems currently in use

· The Thermojoy radiant heater has lower installation costs and no maintenance costs compared to boiler or heat-pump systems.
· Radiant heating has faster amortisation than all other heating solutions.
· Guaranteed of energy savings heating of up to 65%, compared to a traditional boiler and radiator system: Thermojoy generates heat where, when and in the amount needed, wasting nothing.
· More comfortable heat than thermal convection systems: Thermojoy is radiant, like the sun!
· Thermojoy wall heater requires no work on the building's systems or structures.
· It is easy to assemble and disassemble.
· Thermojoy radiant heater does not heat the rear face, or the wall behind it, in order to reduce dispersion.
· You can't take any other system with you when you move.
· Only Thermojoy electricity saving heater has the potential to last so long.
· Although useful, thermal insulation is not essential: all you need is Thermojoy.
· It's safe: even when heating, a baby can touch it, unlike "burning hot" stoves with uncovered electrical wires.
· It can be equipped with a remote control.
· Thermojoy is modular, easily expandable and you can combine it into strings of from 1 to 4 pieces: if you need to increase heating speed, just add another Thermojoy module to the row or create another string.
· In each row, you can set a different working temperature for each single module and the remote controls allow setting the ideal temperature in each room.
· The particular curvature of our energy efficient heaters allows radiating the heat through a 180° angle to distribute the heat better throughout the entire room.
· A special surface treatment guarantees the radiation of heat that is more solar and comfortable (far infrared radiation – like the sun emits).
· It is available in a variety of versions with different finishes and prices to satisfy even the most demanding customers.